The Monster Squad

A Distant Reward
The Arrival and Several Things That Led to It

As a reward for offing Lathuraz, the crew was given a one-way ticket to a downed pair of Spelljammers on some unknown prime world – a githzerai whaleship that had crashed into an illithid dreadnought. In the hold of the former, there was a factory condition hummingbirdship minus navigation focus. Knowing they’d be unable to get off whatever plane they’d landed themselves on without it, the squad headed toward the nearest town, which Vokag espied by climbing the dreadnought.


Bark makes a friend.

After a bit of carousing, the town was attacked by a hunting party of grell – an artifact-hunting party! Maybe a certain artifact that would fit into the PCI Card Slot on a hummingbirdship. Bark and Donnie proceeded by feeding villagers to the grell in an attempt to garner some information. The memories of an Iounian cleric who decided it’d be a good idea to defend the town revealed that the “Tear” the grell were looking for was actually housed in the tower they had been sent from.

The squad gathered itself + one circus bear up and headed out on some nightmares, guided by directions from the grell. The met up with a crumbling ruin of a keep, took out a shit-covered flesh golem, an eye-stalked dwarf, and a swarm of stirges. The dwarf wore an earthen ring, which Vokag heartily accepted. After devouring the contents of the dwarven brainbox, Bark informed the party that there may well be 4 other rings as well as several aberrant mini-bosses.

Moments later, Bark was befriending a ravening cyst and convinced it to follow the party upstairs.

Upstairs, the party took care of Klaus and Shantaira – two more of the dwarf’s allies – as well as a balhannoth and their first beholder! Klaus seemed to be in the middle of “researching” some grimlock corpses and carried a ring bearing the alchemical symbol for vacuum. Shantaira had been locked away by her lover, the leader of their troupe, and wore a flaming metal band, now worn by the party’s robot.

By the party’s calculations, there are two more “adventurers” bearing two more rings that requiring rescuing. Rescuing of a sort that only the Monster Squad can deliver. Like sweet burns on your first day at a new middle school.


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