Merchant Lord of the Planar Trade Consortium


Faction: Fraternity of Order


Estavan is one of the merchant lords of the Planar Trade Consortium. Rumors abound that he’s been involved in the business of Sigil for a lot longer than his apparent years. He looks to be an ogre mage with impressive though limited powers. He’s as good as his word, but he does everything he can to make sure that the wording serves him best.

Estavan can be ostentatious, manipulative, and merciless if it suits him, but he can also be a powerful friend and ally if a body stays on his good side. He keeps an office in the Clerk’s Ward, though from the outside it doesn’t appear to be a place where an ogre mage could comfortably work. The stairs up to the second-floor office are narrow, and the door at the top of the stairs is built for beings much smaller than ogre mages. Inside the office, though, everything (except for a pair of human-sized chairs) is built on a grand scale – a 15-foot ceiling, a huge desk, an oversized couch, a door on the far wall that reaches to the high ceiling, nevermind his dining table.

Though never seen walking the streets of the Cage, Estavan has his well-manicured hands in every conceivable pie, even Polly’s.

His interests so far have concerned Lathuraz, whom Estavan has for some reason taken responsibility for. A few sods who know bits and pieces of the story say that Estavan was among those Sigil high-ups who put down the mercurial all those centuries ago, but bloods in the know realize that ogre mages don’t live that long.

Among the many ledgers Estavan keeps to record business transactions and caravan routes are a series of logs marking portals, their destinations, and the keys necessary to use them. Some of the ledgers track unusual portals, including the blinks known as the Four Doors. One ancient ledger has a scintillating cover made from the hide of some planar beast with a strange symbol branded into the lower right comer. Strangely, the handwriting in this ledger, from the earliest entries to the most recent notations, looks exactly the same. The entries record the location of every known portal in the Cage. Or a collection of Dabus nursery rhymes, rumored to have been sung to Fell by the Lady herself.


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