The Forlorn Tower

High in the Kadagast Mountains stands Forlorn Tower. Once an impregnable fortress-temple devoted to Ioun, the structure has been weakened by centuries of neglect and the constant force of water spilling from above. Great chunks of stone have tumbled into the ravine far below. Enough remains for a nest of aberrant creatures, drawn by the power of Tear of Ioun, to live and fester.

Tower Features

The tower stands on a shelf overlooking a deep ravine.

Walls: The walls are made from dark stone—cut into blocks measuring 2 feet by 3 feet—and mortared in place with crumbling cement. The exterior walls sag and lean, the blocks shifting in their seats. In places, they have eroded away completely to reveal the ruined interior; such holes in its outer walls offer access to any of the four levels.

Ceilings: The ceilings are 30 feet high. They have collapsed in places, littering the floor with rubble and affording a good look at the level above. Periodically, a stone from the ceiling on one level slips free to shatter on the floor below. The fall is too infrequent for anyone to be struck, but regular enough to encourage caution.

Entrances: The primary entrance into the tower is through the double doors set in its southwestern face. However, large gaps in the walls allow for penetration of the tower by less conventional means.

Lighting: Gaps in the ceilings allow dim light to fill the place during the day. All locations are dark at night.

Waterfall: A cascade spilling from 500 feet overhead has washed away the roof, cutting through the interior to spill down into the ravine from ground level.

The Forlorn Tower

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